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How to brainstorm a good proposal essay topic

You'll notice that the word good appears in the title of this article. You are writing a proposal for an essay topic but it is pointless if the chosen topic is not good. So what makes a good proposal in a topic? Well it is one where you can be enthusiastic about the writing of the essay. And this can be because you have a background knowledge in the subject, because you intend to study this topic in greater detail elsewhere in your course, or because you are passionate about the topic. Each and every one of those qualities makes the proposal topic good.

But in writing a good proposal you need as much information as possible. And while it is possible you can go online and find a considerable amount of relevant information or you could visit your college or school library to again research the essay topic to write the proposal, there is another way of finding information. That is brainstorming.

What is involved in brainstorming?

It's a simple activity where you concentrate solely on a single topic. It's a good idea to record these sessions. You can record them by writing quickly any information on a piece of paper or typing if you have good typing skills or better still, recording the session on a simple recording device.

You have decided on your essay topic and you want to write a good proposal. You need some solid facts. Brainstorming is a great way to come up with new ideas. So you have a blank screen or a blank piece of paper and the topic. Brainstorming involves saying anything and everything you can think of regarding that topic. You do not hesitate to speak your mind. You do not hesitate to write down or notate the things which are said. It is not a matter of correct spelling of correct grammar or even if the words spoken are relevant. Brainstorming has no restrictions as far as those things are concerned. You just do it.

Now one of the more effective ways to brainstorm a good proposal essay topic is to do so with someone else or even a group of people. More minds mean more ideas.

Of course you need to decide who is going to be the writer or note taker the words being spoken but once that is settled away you go. Now how long a brainstorming session goes is a bit like saying how long is a piece of string. If anyone involved in the brainstorming continues to come up with ideas then you keep on brainstorming. When you feel that the ideas have run out then you stop.

But now comes the really important part

Now you have to go through all the words, all the ideas which have been suggested in the brainstorming session and decide which ones are relevant and useful in creating a good proposal essay topic. You certainly won't be short of ideas but you do need to be good at deciding which is relevant and which is to be discarded. There will be some ideas which are simply not relevant. And there will be some ideas which are relevant but perhaps you don't have room to put them in the proposal. That's the only tricky part about brainstorming, choosing the information which best suits your needs.

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