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A Short Tutorial on How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

A five-paragraph essay is one of the standard forms of essay most commonly assigned to students everywhere.

In order to master this form of writing, you should adopt some simple guidelines and rules, which are inherent to all five-paragraph essays.

Basic parts of an essay

An essay usually consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion.


The first paragraph of the essay is used to describe the topic and the main subject of your discussion, as well as to provide a brief outline to your whole essay. It must contain a short summary of what your essay revolves around, your thesis and what you are going to use to support it.


The body should consist of three paragraphs which are connected with each other, but logically separated into statements, each of them standing alone.

The first part of the body contains your first statement, a notion, or an argument in favor of the whole idea you’re discussing in the essay. The object of your discussion that is the representation of the entire thesis in your essay. It is something that supports your essay most firmly.

The second part of the body, or the third paragraph, should be dedicated to a new idea or an argument in favor of your initial idea, but original and supportive to the big thesis.

The fourth paragraph holds some additional information, or a closing argument that supports your case from a new side. It should contain new information, which is related to the case you’re making, and, probably, some additional explanations, or just trivial data, which could be crucial to understanding the problem in its entirety. This concludes the body of the essay.


In the conclusion you basically reaffirm your initial thesis, using different, briefer expressions and including the summary of the proof you have provided above. Your conclusion could just be considered a summary of your work, which is short and eloquent in restating your thesis, or idea, providing the reader with conclusive information on the subject of discussion.

If your essay is descriptive, you can use the conclusion part to re-sketch your whole essay using other words and adding some new thoughts or emotions to it, making it a complete writing piece that paints a certain defined image in the reader’s head.

The essay consisting of five paragraphs is the most efficient and convenient way to channel your thoughts of research through to an audience while being reasonably brief and articulate.

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