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Animal Farm Essay Topics: Help Me Make My Paper Stand Out

Published following World War II, Animal Farm is a story that shows the dangers of totalitarian systems. Written as a fanle, it quickly gained in popularity due to the anti-Soviet sentiments in the United States. Due to books like this and 1984, George Orwell quickly became a rising star in the writing industry. It was his first successful book and sold a total of 600,000 copies over the first four years.

Although it is written like a fairy tale, this book is intended for adults. In English classes, it has become a classic reading requirement for students. Teacher may assign an assignment on Animal Farm or they may allow students to choose their own topic. For the best topic ideas, students should read through the following list. These topics can be used as they are written or modified to suit the student's personal viewpoint.

Topics for an Animal Farm Essay

  1. If someone did not know Soviet history, would they get the same message from Animal Farm? Without the existence of totalitarian governments, what would a reader get from this book?
  2. What makes animal farm an example of satire? How does it make fun of totalitarianism?
  3. How does Animal Farm show issues surrounding rhetoric? Use examples from animals like Squealer and the pigs.
  4. Which characters in Animal Farm seem to have the author's actual viewpoint? What animal or person exemplifies George Orwell's perspective?
  5. What does the narrator choose to do or not to do that makes the story convey a message?
  6. What is Boxer's role on the farm? Why does Boxer cause Napoleon to feel threatened?
  7. How is the written word portrayed in the novel? Use specific examples of propaganda.
  8. How are the character's names intended to be symbolic?
  9. What impact did George Orwell's life have on creating this novel? How can we perceive his viewpoints?
  10. What is the symbolism of the windmill? How does it change during the novel?
  11. How do the Seven Commandments impact the course of the novel's plot line?
  12. In what ways is this novel similar to 1984? Both novels are allegories that contain a political meaning. How do their meanings differ?
  13. Instead of writing Animal Farm, would it have been more effective for Orwell to write a non-fiction book on totalitarianism?
  14. In what ways is this novel similar to a classic fable? Choose a specific fairy tale and discuss the similarities.
  15. Why was a fable the most effective means of conveying an anti-totalitarianism message to the general public?
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