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Environmental Essay Topics That Are Easy To Research

The environment around us is as significant as the people we encounter in our life. So, there is a need to attach as much significance to our environment as onto our own family members. Nurturing the environment is a necessary obligation of human beings who can alone save the earth from being a cluttered dumping yard and a forbidden land, which is used to extract all its nutrients, ores and ground water.

Mining by industries is a classic example of over utilization of environmental resources, causing harm to the land and its inhabitants. Environmental concerns are a major threat to our own existence on the planet and also to other beings that inhabit the earth. Therefore, there is a need to keep a check on our activities of exploiting the environment for our own selfish needs. While we discuss the importance of environment, listed below are some of the environmental essay topics that are easy to research and offer wide scope to study and analyze relevant information through the availability of a plethora of resources:

  1. Industrial emission and control measures

    This topic relates to the governmental regulations and technological advances, which affects the environment by polluting it with industrial waste dumping, emission of harmful gases, release of industrial waste in water resources like waterways, lakes, sea, etc. Use of non-renewable resources by industries and operations of burning coal, etc., is a major challenge to environment.

  2. Effect of US and European Politics on climate change

    US accounts for 25% of the GHG emissions into the environment through their industrial operations. There is a need to reduce such emissions in technologically advanced countries like US and Europe to address the issue of climate change.

  3. Climate change and world heritage sites

    There is a need to preserve locations, which are of natural or cultural significance on a global scale to protect them from getting dilapidated by human activities.

  4. Sustainable development

    Sustainable development is important to protect the earth and environment to maintain good life and standard of living for future generations by putting curbs on environmental degradation.

  5. Weather Forecasting

    It is a branch of meteorology, which makes short term predictions on the weather through observations on the climate, forecasting and use of technology. It even helps to detect cyclones, tsunamis and earthquakes of high magnitude and cautions people to displace from the location, which are to be affected by the natural disasters.

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