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11 Exclusive Topics to Write a Persuasive Essay on

Writing a persuasive essay refers to a type of essay wherein the objective is to persuade your reader to accept your perspective.

The first step in writing a successful persuasive essay is to select an appropriate topic. You want to pick a topic that relates to your field or course and is something to which your audience can relate. You want to make sure that you know your audience before you start writing too. This will help you to anticipate any objections to your point of view and address them in the essay. Consider the examples below:

  • You can write about the media portrayals of women and whether they are good or bad
  • You can write about discrimination against a certain group of people
  • You can write about freedom of religion and its influence on prayer in schools
  • You can write about eating disorders and what should be done to stop them and by whom
  • You can write about whether feminism is relevant in modern society

You can write about social issues and take one side or the other in an argument about:

  1. Reverse discrimination
  2. Welfare programs
  3. Race relations
  4. Birth control
  5. Child abuse and child rearing
  6. Affirmative action programs
  7. Discrimination in education
  8. Poverty
  9. Online gambling
  10. Gender discrimination
  11. Identity theft

The second step is setting your goal. Your goal is to convince the audience that your side in the argument is best to be sure. But in addition to that you want to make sure the essay is localized and that it addresses your particular audience. You want to use examples that are relevant to your audience. You want to use words that evoke empathy from your audience but make sure that these arguments are backed with evidence. Make sure that the sources you are using are from relevant and credible sources and not just anything you heard from a random person online.

It is equally important that you ensure your essay addresses both sides (or all sides if there are more than two) to your argument. You want to ensure the essay is balanced and in addressing both sides you can add value to your essay because you enable the reader to consider the opposing ideas and then strike them down. Take time to review the structure of your essay too in order to ensure it suits your topic as well as your audience.

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