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10 Easy Process Essay Topics For High School Students

Students are made to do many different types of essays ranging from book reports to research papers. They often confuse students and leave them with questions of how to do this; one such essay that plagues students with such questions is process essays. These essays are papers you write to describe how to do something in very specific steps, so specific that someone should be able to do the process you wrote about correctly and quickly. Topics for this can be hard to think of so below are 10 easy topics to write about.

Easy process topics

  1. Everyone has made a peanut butter jelly sandwich at one point in their life. This makes this an easy process to write because you know exactly how to do it and could describe it easily.
  2. Changing a car’s oil is something a lot of people could do with knowing. This makes this an informative topic to write about and if you do not know how to write it yourself looking up the process online could be easy and with a few searches you could explain like an expert how to change oil.
  3. A lot of people like ice cream and a lot of people could like to learn how to make homemade ice cream. This is a quick and easy process and can be found out quickly and written easily.
  4. Everyone has done laundry at one point in their life, and this makes it an easy topic to explain specifically and step by step.
  5. Making macaroni and cheese is simple enough and is an easily explainable process to write about.
  6. Washing hands is an important process of life because it helps people not contract diseases and helps prevent disease spreading, but doctors and surgeons wash their hands differently. They are a lot more thorough, and you could look up and explain this process easily and is informative to others.
  7. Damages happen to walls all the time that need repair whether minor or major. Explaining in an essay how to fix a hole in the wall because it could be informative and easy to explain.
  8. Piñatas are a fun thing for many different occasions and instead of buying one it could be useful to know how to make one. By writing a paper explaining this you can learn yourself and help others learn.
  9. Fans on the ceiling are things found in many rooms in many homes, and you can explain how to put one up. This process is easy and simple and could be explained quickly and could help who reads it learn something new.
  10. Writing is a skill many people use in this world, but many people do not know how to do various writing skills. Article writing, for example, you can explain how to format and edit and write one quickly and easily making it an easy topic to write about.

Process essays are a complex paper where you have to explain how to do something step by step so specifically someone can do the process just from the words you wrote. Above were just a few different topics you can write about to making the writing of the essay easier for you.

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