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How to Write an About Me Essay: a Step-By-Step Guide

Just about anyone in the world can write an autobiography, but what is really important is the story that they have to tell. These comprehensive about me essays can be from someone such as former President Abraham Lincoln, to poet Walt Whitman or even the young adult that started their own social networking website while a student at Harvard University. The following can help someone write an about me essay that not only satisfies the course requirement, but also make others want to suggest the reading to their friends:

  • A Story To Tell
  • Life Experience
  • How To Make Something New Out Of Something Old
  • Human Connection
  • How To Be Different

A Story To Tell

Everyone has a story to tell, but what someone writing an essay needs to realize is they have to sell theirs. No one person in the world wants to read 100 articles about how someone played high school football. They want to know the story of how that person came into the sport, what they learned through playing it, stories of victory and tales of defeat.

Life Experience

Sometimes the best about me essays do not come out until someone has truly experienced something. If a student has a specific experience such as military service or playing in a professional sports league, this is also where the writer has a chance to shine.

How To Make Something New Out Of Something Old

Every day new social media platforms are built and become successful or fail. If a student wants to write about their triumph of taking something old and developing it into something new whether it be their childhood not being in line with their future life goals or how they got to that point in life, they will also write a successful article.

Human Connection

On some fundamental level, all humans want to feel as if they can connect with each other. If a student comes from a poor background and works their way up to being the CEO of a large organization, they can connect their story to hundreds of others who have attempted the same feat.

The same can be said for the child born with a silver spoon in their mouth as they can write a humble piece about giving back or they can choose to be close minded; as it is their tale to tell.

How To Be Different

The most important thing to remember when writing an about me essay is to always be different. As stated previously, ten people can tell the exact same story, the ones that can explain it from a different mindset than everyone else are the ones’ that will be remembered.

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