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A Brief Tutorial On Writing Comparative Essay In Art

A comparative essay attempts to look at the similarities and differences between two subjects/ideas/persons or topics. It lists the properties and attributes of one party and puts them hand in hand with that of the other party and show areas where they run in parallel and where they correlate.

Most of such articles at times turn out to be persuasive by trying to bring the reader to make a choice between which of the subjects is superior or better than the next, and the objective and the idea is generally to pit one topic against the other.

In doing comparative art essay, such writings should exhibit vivid descriptions and analysis. They should lean towards making the reader and final consumer understand specific details of a single art specimen to that of the other specimen in the study.

This article is therefore made to insight incisive points to remember when writing such an essay.

Intense study

When writing art comparative essay, it is important for the writer to first and foremost carry out a research concerning the subjects in question. This will not only give an intense knowledge of the subjects but also provide the meat needed to make the article of massive content and information.

Ensure that you are well conversant with the subjects in question so that the reader may get the maximum from your writing and understand the art subjects you are discussing. Elaborate the pros and cons of each of the topics or ideas. Touch on how they relate and bring it out in a fluid but natural way. This is like a debate so give each subject equal representation in terms of the similarities and differences you give.

A point from one subject should equal to another point from the other successively. Thus the comparative essay on art will turn out as one that has looked into both the details of the subjects and has given a good percentage of attention to all.

Brief preview

A brief preview into the topic is good as a curtain raiser and sets the stage to talk about the art subjects that need to be looked at. Show your understanding of the topic through this preview.

Main section

In this section that carries all the similarities & differences, pros & cons make the paragraphs in such a way that when you speak about a subject in the first paragraph, you speak about the other in the next paragraph. Alternatively you can speak about the two subjects in the same paragraph by highlighting about one then the other.


In the summary you must opine on the topics. Show your stand concerning your support for one of the subjects or idea.

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