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How To Write A Good College Essay Easily: A Simple Guide

Getting into college can seem like a daunting prospect. Once years of high school classes and extracurricular activities are complete, the student still has to fill out college applications and get accepted. One of the main factors determining a college admission is the college essay. This document helps to inform the admissions committee about who the student is. It is able to relay information that is not normally in a college application and can greatly help the admissions committee decide who gets in. Due to this, the college essay must be well-written and edited thoroughly.

Get Personal

Any student who applies for an Ivy League school probably has made honor roll and participated in sports. With the admissions paper, the student must go beyond the numbers and show who they really are. In the paper, the student may want to bring up the volunteer work they do on the weekends, achieving management at their after school job or their science projects. Basically, the student should consider what factors make them different and use it to make their essay really shine.

Turn It Into a Story

Some of the admissions essays sent to colleges end up reading like a resume. In their haste to seem desirable, the student writes down all of their accomplishments. Although this is a great technique for applications, it does not work very well for writing. Instead, the student should try to make their accomplishments and experiences tell a story. Each detail should be incorporated into the narrative so that the admissions officers have a very clear picture of who the student is.

Ask for Help

Teachers watch their students head off to college every year. With so many students flooding through the high school, teachers have a unique ability to know what works and what does not work in an admissions paper. In general, the teacher will be able to help the student write out their paper. They may be able to offer advise on editing or tips that will make the student's writing have a professional quality.

Editing Is a Must

After hours of painstaking writing, the student may be tempted to just send their paper immediately. Instead of rushing it off to the school, the student should take time to read through what they wrote. If the student has a few days or weeks to spare, they should try getting a friend or teacher to help with editing. The extra days away from the essay will also help the student to see their own writing more objectively.

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