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Creating a Good Argumentative Essay: Writing Tips

If you are writing an argumentative paper there are many topics that you can use. Consider the list of sample topics below and see if any of them spark a creative topic for your particular assignment:

  1. Write about whether college students should have the freedom to select all of their courses
  2. Write about whether the solution to the Social Security issue is to remove the program altogether
  3. Write about whether universities and colleges should change their mission toward preparing students to enter into the workforce
  4. Write about whether high school kids should be given monetary rewards for high performances on standardized tests
  5. Write about whether high school students and college students should be required to study at least two years of another language
  6. Write about whether college athletes should not be required to attend their other classes nor should they be punished for absences
  7. Write about whether a financial incentive should be offered to college students who complete their studies in three years
  8. Write about whether higher taxes need to be placed on junk food and sodas in order to encourage people to eat and drink healthier
  9. Write about whether students should still be required to take P.E. classes
  10. Write about whether the national speed limit should be altered to the previous 55MPH in order to conserve fuel

Once you have your topic it is time to write the essay. If ever you begin to feel as though your essay writing does not measure up, remember that you are not alone. At some point or another every student feels this way during their academic career. Many students begin to feel as though they are not going to make it, or as though their essay will never be finished because they are just a fraud. This is why talking with other students can be really helpful. In talking to and working with other students in your class you not only get many samples of essays to review, but you can start to realize that everyone shares the same anxieties and there is no need to feel threatened if another student is progressing at a seemingly faster rate than you. Just because a few students turned their essay in early does not mean they are not scared or that you are the only one floundering.

If nothing else, you can avoid seeing the students who pressure you or create competition and just remain close to those who are generous and bright within your class. Get help from your school writing center or start a writing group. Go to writing conferences and don’t let other students slow you down.

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