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Composing Catchy Pros and Cons Essay Topics

Coming up with a great pro and con essay topic ensures that your paper will be interesting and well-worth the read. The trick is, of course, coming up with a catchy topic. Here is a list of some catchy topics to help inspire you to develop your own:

Cuban Embargo: Over 52 years since the U.S. imposed economic sanctions against the island-nation just 90 miles south of Florida. Supporters of the embargo say that Cuba has yet to reach the conditions for the US to lift the embargo, such as improving human rights and transitioning to democracy. Opponents say the embargo hurts the international community’s opinion of the U.S., has failed in its goals and has only hurt the U.S. economy and Cuban citizens.

Military Drones: Remote-controlled aircraft that are armed with missiles have been used in combat. Since the start of the “War on Terror” after the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. has used drones to decimate terrorist networks and keeps soldiers safe. Opponents believe drone attacks actually indiscriminately kill large amounts of civilians and lack sufficient oversight to be considered humane.

U.S. Gold Standard: Do you think the U.S. should return to the Gold Standard? Before 1971, the U.S was on one form or a gold standard or another. Supporters of returning to a gold standard suggest that historical stability and government restrictions prove that a gold standard is necessary. Opponents say it would cause an unstable economy and reduce the government’s ability to stimulate the economy.

Death Penalty: In the U.S., 1188 people were executed between 1977 – 2009 alone. Most of these cases involved the execution of murderers, but the death penalty can be applied for espionage, treason and a slew of other crimes. Supporters of the death penalty say that the punishment helps deter crime and costs significantly less than life in prison. Opponents argue that there is absolutely no evidence that it deters crime and has let to unjustified targeting of people of color.

Prostitution and Legality: Many believe that legalizing prostitution would reduce crime, increase tax revenue and improve public health. Additionally, people say it will help people get out of poverty and increase the safety of prostitutes by getting them off the street. Opponents believe that legalization will increase the risk of spreading STDs as well as encourage global human trafficking.

Right to Health Care: Do you believe that all Americans should have a right to health care? Supporters of universal care say that as one of the richest nations on the planet, spending should go to ensuring basic health coverage to its citizens. Opponents say that having this right is a form of socialism and it should be left to each individual, not the government to take on this responsibility.

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