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How To Start Writing A Descriptive Essay On Christmas: Tips And Tricks

Descriptive essays are generally pretty fun to do and are often on topics students find interesting and fun. They simply require one to describe something or someone using vivid language that appeals to the reader’s senses. For instance, a descriptive essay on Christmas would use language that reminds people of the sights, sounds, touches, smells, and tastes associated with the holiday. Here are some tips and tricks for writing a great assignment:

  • Choosing a Specific Topic:
  • This kind of writing assignment usually allows for students to consider and choose from a wide variety of topics. Start with a few brainstorming ideas and identify a few that are unique and interesting. Narrow your focus on the best ones. The more precise your descriptive essay is the more your reader will be able to identify with and enjoy it.

  • Selecting the Best Details:
  • The point of this Christmas assignment is to present a story. Doing so means choosing details that make your story original and unique. Bring the microscope in. No two Christmas stories will be exactly alike. Traditions, gifts, family members will all be different. Sort through your story notes and find details that best display the uniqueness in your events. Add these to your story and don’t forget to edit out the parts that don’t add value.

  • Organizing Your Content:
  • Your body paragraphs in this kind of assignment should generally be structured spatially. With a Christmas story paper one must consider that the best way to order this is chronologically. Employ your skills as learned in narrative or exemplification assignments. You’ll be able to get a feel for how the content should flow.

  • Choosing Descriptive Words:
  • This kind of assignment is not a place for the use of generalities or vague words. Words like nice, bad, good, and beautiful aren’t impactful enough to keep your reader interested. Consider the following examples:

    “I ate a good dinner” isn’t nearly as impactful as “I stuffed my face with the golden-brown turkey.” One sentence is vague while the other paints a picture of some serious eating.

  • Drawing a Logical Conclusion:
  • When you write your conclusion you should summarize some of the details about your essay. You can still use descriptive language; however, you don’t want to introduce any new content. What’s important is that the writing in your conclusion remains relevant and logical. Tie your paper together so that the reader knows what your message was from the start.

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