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A Brief Guide To Creating An Essay About Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love is a book written by Elizabeth Gilbert. This piece of writing tells the readers a story about a woman who was successful, but unhappy. She decided to change her life at once. She quit everything and everyone and went traveling. Basically, the book is a chronicle of that trip. Since it raises many ethical, psychological, and other vital questions, students often write their essays about one of the themes presented in the book.

How to Write a Winning Book-Based Essay

No matter what topic you have, you should remember the following guidelines when you have an essay assignment based on a book:

  1. Develop a true but arguable thesis statement.
  2. You can claim that quitting and running away is not the best position for a woman in the U.S. In the text, you will have to compare your position to the point of view of the main heroine and compare and contrast your own and her arguments.

  3. Analyze more than quote or summarize.
  4. A strong paper should include your own position towards a studied subject. So, you should demonstrate your understanding of how different events contribute to the story, what is important for the characters, and why the main heroine is unhappy.

  5. Decide on the purpose of your essay.
  6. You can either describe the motive of the main character, explain how visiting new places and meeting new people helped her overcome depression, or analyze why people may feel empty when they seem to have everything that they have ever wanted.

  7. Select the evidence from the text of the book.
  8. You should read Eat, Pray, Love carefully and take notes while you are reading. You need to pay attention to examples, facts, details, and opinions that you may later use to support your thesis statement.

How to Structure Your Assignment Without a Hitch

The aforementioned guidelines are important for your success. However, having a poor essay structure may lead to getting a low grade. To determine a logical sequence of main points and subpoints, you should create a detailed outline before you start writing your first draft.

It makes sense to apply a progressive order. In other words, you should demonstrate the complication or development of the studied issue. For example, you can describe how the main heroine fell into depression and what helped her change her life. Either way, you should keep in mind the question why your readers should read your writing.

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