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What Should Oxford Expect From You?

If you are applying to Oxford, it is important to know what the school should expect from you. The requirements for Oxford vary based on where you are from and it is important to look into which requirements apply to your home country before you apply.

If you are from England it is expected that potential applicants have AAA on their A levels. Bear in mind that each subject has specific requirements and it is important that potential applicants meet all of the requirements for the different subjects. It is imperative that students recognize that they will need to study for three A-levels in addition to their rigorous class load. If this seems like it will be too much, then students are encouraged to consider another academic institution. If you are trying to complete an international bachelor’s degree it is required that you achieve at least 38-40 points for your performance and that you receive 6’s and 7’s in your higher level subjects.

If you are from Scotland it is expected that you received at least AAAAB or AAAAA in your Scottish Highers and that you have at least two Advanced Highers to supplement it. Oxford has a few conditional exceptions. These conditional exceptions expect potential applicants from Scotland to have AAB if they cannot take three Advanced Highers. But in these situations it is required that the student have at least two Advanced Highers and an A grade in one Higher course that they completed during Year 6.

If you are from the United States, the university expects that you will have scored at least a 700 on your SAT reasoning test, as well as your SAT mathematics section, your critical reading SAT section, and your writing paper. It is also expected that you will score a 32 out of 36 on the ACT. It is expected by Oxford that potential applicants scored at least Grade 5 on a minimum of 3 advanced placement tests in a variety of subjects or at least 700 on three SAT subject tests, as appropriate for the degree you are seeking.

Overall, the demands for potential applicants are high. It is contingent upon where you are from, as to what requirements you will need to fulfill. But no matter where you originate, Oxford requires you to be prepared to handle a stringent work load throughout your academic career.

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