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Religious Extremism in America

Religious extremism in America may be seen as a huge problem when understanding where people stand with their religious faith. American citizens believe in different faiths and have their own personal beliefs about God, Jesus Christ and a higher power that may not be referred to as God. There are groups that feel people should follow them because they feel their beliefs are true. In other cases, some people have no clue what to believe in because their concepts and ideas make little sense. One problem many religious extremists have is misunderstanding parts of the bible and trying to get people to see things from their perspective when they may not be correct.

A large number of Americans read the bible regularly. A few feel they understand the context and feel there are important messages from God that should be studied and used to make living each day better. Others feel their purpose will be defined and clarified through biblical scripture with the help of knowledgeable individuals they can relate to (church leader or someone who shares similar beliefs). As one of the most read books in the world, it is common for people to have misconceptions about the bible and what we should learn from it. This is where a number of arguments are formed by people who lack understanding about what they should get from the scripture.

Americans are known for strong view points and being argumentative about a number of issues from gay marriage to Christianity. There are groups that will say a person should not be allowed to do something because of their spiritual or religious beliefs. Situations like this make it obvious the person or group making this claim does not understand the bible or the message behind the scripture being referred to. In some cases, certain scriptures carry cultural beliefs and they may not be understood by others with just one viewpoint alone.

Few extremists may lack understanding or refuse to believe in facts backed by scientific data. There are times situations may have logic meaning but some religious extremists will look past common sense. They think what they believe in is what is right and will not bother to consider views or opinions of others. They quickly shut down anything that is not in line with their faith. Just lacking information makes you look ignorant; but just because you think your beliefs are better does not make it right or true in the name of God.

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