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Quick tips that explain how to write a research paper using APA format

What is the APA style? APA means “American Psychological Association”, it is the recommended style for most scientific papers. What is going to be looked at here, are tips for writing in this style. This is one of the few styles that the author’s research is noted as theirs directly. In fact it is recommended to do so. This is why that most science prefers this style.

  • Formatting
  • Organize sections correctly
  • Citing
  • Correct tonal language


Make sure your paper is formatted correctly. APA like all styles are very specific on how the paper is to be formatted. Use a one inch margin all sides, but only justify the left, the right if left ragged. Indent half an inch the beginning of all paragraphs. Use New Roman 12 point font when typing your paper.

Organize sections correctly

The top (header) of each page will have reduced title name, and page number. The first page is your title page; title, name, school, date. The second page is your Abstract, in bold print and with quotation marks put “Abstract” at the top center of the page, just below the header. Next, the introduction, you do not need to label this page, just make it a new page so the reader understands.

The next sections are “method, results, and discussion”. They are each started on new pages, and need to be clear that they are new sections. They do not need to have bold headings, but a heading is still good to have. Your reference section needs to have a bold heading centered.


All citing needs to be clear and distinct. At the end of a quote, paraphrase, or reference to an idea borrowed, your citing needs to have last name, year of publication, and page number.

Correct tonal language

Use correct tone of reference. Never use a tone of language that could be misconstrued as stereotyping of defamatory. One reference given was never to say “mentally ill”, but to say, “Suffered from a mental illness”.

Do not use any phrase that will generalize the statement, but will give it more understanding. It would be like not to say; She worked with the lepers in the leper colony”. Instead you would say; “She worked on people suffering from leprosy, in the colony”. This is less demeaning and more explanatory to the reader. Just be sure to pay attention to the wording. This is a scientific document, not as general article.

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