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How To Come Up With Synthesis Essay Topics: Vital Tips

A synthesis essay is used as a way for a writer to connect the dots in an overall piece of writing from multiple works. It is used as a way to create a strong thesis from several different sources by connecting them into one well researched and well written topic. Topics for synthesis essays can be pulled from any facet of everyday life to something historical, such as: social media, war, school uniforms, military draft, poverty and divorce to name a few. Synthesis essay writing is no different than everyday writing as it serves as the link of connecting the student’s mind with the books and journals used for their research. Some of the best ways to come up with synthesis essays topics is:

  • Keep it Broad
  • Create Outlines
  • Third over First
  • Practice Arguing
  • Start Over

Keep it Broad

When choosing a topic, students should keep their topics very broad for one particular reason: synthesis. The point of writing the synthesis essay in the first place is as a way of tying together several different sources on a given topic. Therefore if a student chooses to write on war they have millions of wars to choose from vice choosing the War of 1812.

Create Outlines

Outlines serve as a way for a student to keep their thoughts organized. It also provides a student a way of keeping tabs on how each topic for the synthesis either connects or is polar opposite of the thesis being provided by the student.

Third over First

When a student writes an essay in first person, it shows the heavy personal bias of the individual. If a student utilizes third person speech vice the first, it will sound a lot more scholarly and take the weight off of assumed bias.

Practice Arguing

As the synthesis essay ties together several points or works, it is best for a student to read their essay out loud when they finish so they knows if it makes sense. It also serves as a way for a student to catch any spelling or grammatical errors.

Start Over

No great work of literature was written in one draft, just as no essay, especially a synthesized one will be capable of. After doing all of these steps a student should revise and redraft their essay until their thesis is incapable of being overturned.

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