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How To Create An Excellent Essay About The Death Penalty In The U.S.

Writing an essay on a controversial topic can be a trick thing if one doesn’t take the proper steps to effectively research and put together information in a clear and direct manner. One of the hardest subjects to write about is the death penalty in the U.S. It’s been a highly debated topic for decades and the cases in support and opposition of it continues to divide the country. Regardless of what you feel about the issue, here are the steps you need to take to create an excellent essay on the subject:

  1. Brainstorm and Organize Your Notes in a Detailed Outline
  2. Have a look at your notes and start to brainstorm some discussion topics. You should have at least three good points to discuss and should have plenty of examples or pieces of evidence relating to and supporting those discussion points. Write down a few phrases of your original thoughts and reactions to those points. Lastly, organize everything in a detailed outline to help with your first draft.

  3. Develop a Draft Thesis Statement and Start with a Rough Draft
  4. Actively review your notes and essay outline. You should be able to craft a draft thesis statement to help with your argument. Use your outline as you start composing your rough draft. You should try to write in a single sitting without stopping to make corrections no matter how distracting you might think they are. The point of this exercise is to get everything down as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  5. Set Your Paper Aside before Critically Analyzing it for Revision
  6. Revision is an exercise in which you look for ways to improve your paper by moving text, removing text, or adding text in order to present your argument in a more logical and effective way. The best way to start is to set your work aside for a few days so that you can come back to the writing and review it in a critical manner without bias.

  7. Return to Your Essay to Completely Edit and Proofread the Text
  8. The final step of creating a great paper on this topic is to go back to your writing one more time to thoroughly edit and proofread the text. Even the best and most experienced writers will make mistakes when they compose their first and second drafts, so you should be diligent and check each line with a fine toothed comb.

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