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What Should I Write In An Essay About My Idol?

Most people hearing the world idol, especially those of high religious affiliation, will think about a god or deity. This is not the only use of the word, however, anyone can have an idol that is not necessarily an item of worship. A role model is a person that you can look up to and in this sense, we say that someone is idolized.

To begin writing an essay, one must first be aware of the main features any well written paper should have, this includes an introduction, body and conclusion, as well as a title. Using these as your framework, your first step should be to dissect your topic in these categories, making your work many times easier. The following is a list of points to consider when writing an essay about your idol:

  1. Their personal identity
  2. Everyone has their own way of viewing life and the difference can be startling, depending on who you observe. Obviously if you consider a person to be your idol, you are going to be aware of their personality traits and this can be a good topic to start with. Try not to be too judgmental or definitive in your assessment, it is a person you are talking about.

  3. The thing about them that caught your attention
  4. Despite being an awesome person, people don’t simply stand out, they must have done something to catch your attention. Describe the events that led to the moment you realized that you considered someone to be your idol.

  5. How they accomplish their goals
  6. We value many things in life and different people live for different reasons, along with this, comes different ways of doing things. Describe how your idol goes about their daily life, their job and their goals. This can help paint a better picture about what the person is like.

  7. How did this person change your life
  8. Having an idol means that in one way or the other, that person has affected your life, causing you to act differently from the moment you recognized the fact. Show the changes that have occurred in your life since you gave your idol the title.

  9. What does their influence inspires you to do
  10. What thoughts and ideas did you idol inspire in you and do you intend to emulate them in the future? This is a question that you should answer for your readers

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