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Writing An Easy Cause And Effect Essay: Useful Advice For 1st Graders

Cause and effect essay is a type of academic paper that students in high school and college are required to write at certain times within the school year. In writing this type of paper, you are expected to shade more light on causes of a given problem and the effects that result from such problem or issue. If you are confused on how to write your paper, this paper will serve as a guide towards writing a good paper that will earn you good grades. To make the most of writing your cause and effect essay, you should understand that this paper is usually made up of three major parts. These are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body of paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

The introduction part of your paper introduces your chosen topic and the main goal. This is where you build up the thesis statement and background information, letting your target audience or readers know more about the chosen topic. The next area of the paper to focus your attention is the body of paragraphs.

In writing the body of paragraphs of your cause and effect essay, if the paper is centred on certain phenomenon or events, this is where you introduce such issues. In doing this, you will be explaining to your readers, the relationship or connection between the causes of the event and the effects of same event or phenomenon. With this done, your readers will get a clearer understanding of your ideas. As much as possible, ensure that you don’t deviate from the major points of the paper.

To make your essay worth reading, make sure that you focus on presenting solid points that will go further to give credence to your paper. It is better to provide a few solid points than many points that offer little or no value to the paper. These points should also be systematically structured so that the readers will easily digest the information being provided. The body of the work should be divided into paragraphs which should start with topic sentences to show cause and resulting effects.

The last part of the cause and effect essay is the conclusion. This is where you draw your readers’ attention back to the key points earlier discussed in the main body of the paper. Avoid the discussion of new causes and effects that were never discussed in the body of the work. Give them something to go home with, yes, make your paper a compelling read for that high score.

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