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Christianity In America

It is alleged that in the last three years Christianity has been in the decline in America. According to CNN news polls show that America is a less Christian nation than it was 2o years ago. A 75%of Americans call themselves Christians which is way far less than what it was in the 1990. A drop of more than 10% has been recorded. It is also noted that a large number of young people are leaving the church. In the yester years, a lot of youths were in the church. A research group has been enlisted in America to study why young people are leaving the church.

Results of the study are astonishing but give a clear picture that the youths are not in church. It showed that 95% of the youths aged between 20 and 29 years of age attended church regularly during their elementary and middle school years. Further 55% went to church during their high school. By college only 11% were attending church. This pause a great threat and concern to the next generation of believers. The question is why youths at the young age attend church and this dies down as they grow up. Is it that they are forced to attend by parents? The best thing is to try to let them choose. If forced to, they may end up hating the church as they do not attend on their own will.

American society and culture is shaped on Christian character and values. The effect of Christianity today is less than it was in the past years. The church can however fix a solution to this problem by changing the way they do the ministry. This is because the trends are not very good and should the situation go unchecked then the organized Christian church will sooner or later find itself in a big and serious problem.

Although there is an alarm of reducing number of Christians in the national level, it is good to note that not all churches are under the threat of lacking or losing its youths. Despite the statistics some states show a good culture of youths having to go to church. Youths should taught Christianity in a more flexible way and it must be made look real and not vague. A passionate brand targeting youths should be created and this will make sure that the youths are attracted to the church and have feeling of wanting to go to church.

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