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Free Manual On Composing An Essay About Internet Uses And Abuses

The subject of internet uses and abuses has been very interesting topic to write essay about. It is the disease of modern times, and every one of us has encountered a situation when your privacy and right have been violated thanks to the theological era we are living in. But there is another side to that issue, and it is that we have to appreciate the benefits that the Internet era has brought upon us. We all know how our lives have changed with technology, but we should also think about how it changed the lives of our parents, and how it will affect our children.

Here is a free manual on composing an essay about internet uses and abuses

  • Why is internet use and abuse important?
  • First explain why this issue is relevant to everybody, even the people that are not exposed to internet and modern technologies. Think of an example, so you can explain more vividly the problematics to the reader. It is best if you just tell a story from your own experience; think of a time when your privacy was abused on the internet. People like a good human interest story, so they will be interested to learn more about the problem if something similar happened to them too.

  • Do your research, find all the relevant data
  • Collect all the relevant data, and make up our own mind on the matter. You have to know what do you thing about internet in general in order to write a good essay about possible abuses. List all the relevant laws and compare then in different cultures and countries. It is easy to find all the data you need in libraries, in newspaper and on the internet. Talk to your teacher and colleagues, ask them if they read a good book about such subject.

  • Remember a good example, and then make you point
  • At the end, you have to make a strong point- have a strong opinion about the mater. You have to convince your readers that you are right, or to give them well reasons why your opinion is relevant. When you make you point, then tell an example that is in favor of that point. Always leave some room for further exploration of the problem, and you can even end your essay with a question. It is important that your conclusion is clear and give a strong picture of the problem, and the way that you would solve it.

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