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5 Suggestions for Making Your MLA Style Cover Sheet

If you believe that there is not to much to creating an MLA title page, then you are partially correct. Creating a proper MLA style cover sheet is extremely easy if you know what is expected of you and you follow the rules established by the MLA criteria. However, instructors are likely to be picky about have having MLA papers properly formatted in their entirety. This includes the cover sheet- meaning that they will be looking to make sure that it has been properly completed. For this reason failing to properly format your cover sheet/ title page could cost you grade points.

5 Things To Keep In Mind When You Create Your Cover Sheet

  1. Punctuation

    When you are creating the cover sheet for your MLA style paper you will want to double check that you have properly punctuated names, and your paper’s title. Make sure that you have properly written your instructors name and academic institution.

  2. Proper Order

    It is also advisable that you make sure that the different parts of the cover page are listed in order. The date, name of your class, instructor, and institution need to be listed in order as stated by the MLA format criteria. This is something that will be double checked when your paper is being graded. It is foolish to forget one of these elements or list them in the incorrect order.

  3. Your Title

    Ever hear the expression “What is in a title?”, well when it comes to your MLA paper everything is extremely important. This includes the title that you choose and how it is written. It even matters where you locate your title on the cover page. (It should be centered)

  4. Your Byline

    Don’t forget to give yourself credit for all your hard work. Including your own byline is an important part of putting together your cover page. You’ll want to put your name, as you prefer it, directly beneath your paper’s title.

  5. Font

    Lastly, an MLA title page is meant to be formal. No silly fonts or illustrations are needed. It is best practice to go with a simple and easy to read font. Make sure that you check that there has not been a specific font stated in the assignment criteria. Also, you’ll want to make sure that the font you choose for your front page matches the font for the paper’s body.

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