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6 Suggestions On How To Compose A Literary Essay About Dead Poets Society

A literary essay is a short, non-fiction paper that can be written about any topic the author finds interesting. Many writers create these essays to get an emotional response. These papers can be very entertaining to the reader depending on how creative the writer can be. This type of essay doesn’t rely so much on facts, but on a good knowledge of books. Most literary essays are about books that the reader has read. I am going to list 6 suggestions on how to compose a literary essay about Dead Poets Society.

  1. Write a paper from the teacher’s point of view. Put his thoughts and motives to the audience. Make them understand why he did and said the things he did.
  2. There were a few students that received the message the teacher was trying to teach. Pick one of the students and write the paper from their point of view. Explain all the good and bad that comes with their decisions.
  3. Write a paper on the actual subject matter that is trying to be taught to the students. This will open the minds of the audience in many different ways. Be sure to use clear and easy sentences to make the understanding easier.
  4. Write the paper with a different message to inspire. This is where you can be creative and your imagination can come into play.
  5. Explain what the two ideas mean in your writing. Conformity and free thinking should be made clear within the body of the essay.
  6. Let the audience know how hard and different it is for the students to aspire to make a change in life as they tried to do in the book.

Your paper should still have the same format as most other articles. You need to have an introduction which will tell the reader what you want to write about. Then you need to write a few paragraphs in the body and explain what you are trying to write about. Give examples from the book and try to substantiate your thesis. Then you have to write the conclusion which ties the whole paper up with a tiny bow. Try to write something that would encourage the reader to want to read the same book for himself.

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