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Basic Advice On How To Write An Illustration Essay Outline

You may think of an illustration essay as a structured statement of your personal thoughts. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your opinions on a given topic. However, this is not a scattered exclamation of ideas. A properly done illustration essay follows a disciplined approach to composition. It has various steps you need to keep in mind.

  • The Introduction. You will start with the thesis statement, indicating your position, and this will include various points you will be discussing. Be careful about the number of points you use and try to limit this to no more than three.
  • The Body. This is the meat of the matter. For every point you mentioned in the Introduction you are to present supporting detail in the Body of the essay. Supporting examples should also be used to strengthen your point. It is the part of the outline where you determine what those points are, and the examples you’re going to use. The Body is going to be the longest part of the essay. It is the most important and you should make an effort to be as logical as possible regarding the detail, and the examples must be clear.
  • The Conclusion. Do not rush this. Although it is the end of the composition, it is very important. You will summarize your main points with the conclusions drawn from what you have written in the Body. Take each summary one at a time to maintain order. You also will take this time to restate the thesis. Remember that this area of the essay deserves attention. A good conclusion can be frosting on the cake and solidify a good grade.

The guiding principles of an illustration essay are logic and reason. You’re putting forth a statement which is a reflection of your beliefs, but it has to make sense to the reader. This person has no stake in the game, so to speak, and you have to persuade him or her to at least respect what your opinion happens to be. This type of work is not a place for vulgar humor or sarcasm. A reader will very easily dismiss your paper as frivolous if you are not providing sound detail. It may help to try to understand the point of view of your readers. You can then structure details and examples so they may more easily understand what it is you are writing about.

Accept this assignment as an opportunity to provide clear and precise arguments. The outline is the blueprint you will use to draft a tight composition which will impress the reader.

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