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Tips For Creating A 3-Page Argumentative Essay About Space Exploration

Space exploration is an incredible topic to have been tasked with writing your 3-page argumentative essay about. However, while being enthusiastic about the topic is half the battle in terms of being motivated enough to actually see the project, having the technical knowledge to do it with confidence can be something else entirely. Your lecturer should have given you plenty of coping strategies. However, in case you still need that little extra help here are my tips for creating a 3-page argumentative paper about space exploration.

  • Choose your angle
  • Space exploration is such a huge subject to tackle that you need to choose the angle that you are going to approach it from and try and keep it tight. You only have three pages in which to make your argument. There is nothing to be gained from going off on an elongated tangent. Once you have the broad scope, then you will need to narrow it down further before you begin writing.

  • Ensure that you understand both sides of the argument
  • The purpose of an assignment of this nature is to convince your reader of the argument that you are attempting to make. At the very least this requires a basic understanding of the counter-argument otherwise there is a danger that your paper will come out sounding skewed.

  • Write a strong outline
  • Lots of students fall into the trap of assuming that they will be able to make do with writing just a few paragraphs for their outline. Personally, I believe that you should put as much care and attention into writing the outline as you should the actual piece. Aim for three pages. The only real difference between this and the real essay is that this won’t be polished and will need some refining and fleshing out.

  • Write a compelling argument
  • This is not a time for flimsy half-baked arguments. Space exploration inspires so many different fantasies and dreams that you owe it to the subject to attack it with vigour and passion. Anything short of that would be a grave disservice.

  • Nail it with your conclusion
  • As I have already mentioned, a 3-page-essay needs to be tight and to the point. Conclusions are always important but in this type of assignment it is critical that you successfully wrap up any loose strands and that you leave no doubt in your reader’s minds as to the validity of your argument.

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