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AIDs In Africa

In today’s era, AIDS is one of the most popular diseases and last stage of infection of virus. It is a type of disease which loses the immunity of body’s cellular and also minimizing the resistance to infection. AIDS is an advance stage of infection which can be caused by a Human Immunodeficiency virus. This virus is passed from one person to another by sexual contact and blood to blood. According to the statistics, Africa is the world’s largest region which is affected by the AIDS and HIV virus.

The impact of AIDS in Africa is felt in everyday life as well as its spread throughout the whole region. African people try to control this disease because many children are being born with AIDS and many parents are dying to leave their children orphaned. There are millions of people suffering from AIDS in the world; Africa is highest in that number. On the basis of UN Aids program on AIDS/HIV and WHO estimated that in Africa seven out of ten people infected with HIV virus. This virus has been a devastating epidemic in many countries because of the lack of resources to treat patients properly.

In 1980s African people was a lot of confusion about the disease and about its causes. People are not much aware about its symptoms and how it was transmitted. At the time when the patient was diagnosed with this disease they were in the last stage and doctors cannot do anything to help the patient. Initially the African government not focused about the disease but when they wake up and face reality of AIDS it was spread at a very high speed like wildfire. The government started to adopt various prevention measures but it was too late and HIV infection was spread all over the region.

AIDS is the major cause of deaths in Africa among adult male as well as adult female. It is fatal disease as it destroys and attacks the immunity of human body. The major routes for the transmission of HIV virus in Africa are oral sex, mother to child, transfusion with unscreened blood, contaminated hypodermic needles, heterosexual and vaginal fluid. Mainly most of the African nations lacked the proper health infrastructure and resources for providing proper treatment to its people that required for increasing life expectancy. Without proper medical treatment majority of Africans still fight with this disease.

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